“...stunning...” “...amazing...” “...breathtaking...”

“breathtaking…part shtick, part virtuosity…the audience went wild with applause and standing ovation”

Fred Volkmer, Southampton Press

“...a very gifted young violinist”

Daniel Barenboim, Music Director, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“True virtuoso performers”

Betty C. Hamilton
Fine Arts Association of Southeastern Kentucky

“...their stage banter is really a reflection of their musical partnership which is so close the two instruments seem at times controlled by one mind(...) Anna Karkowska possesses a truly formidable technique. As an example of the violinist’s stunning technique, one could look at Vieuxtemps’ cheeky “Souvenir d’Amerique” (billed as “American Variations” in the program), which closed the first half of the concert. This long-forgotten gem, a set of brilliant variations on “Yankee Doodle,” was brought back into the repertory in the 1970s by Itzhak Perlman, the great Israeli violinist. But there is one treacherous section in this piece played in harmonics, where the player has to carefully touch the strings lightly in order to make them ring out in high, bell-like tones. If the fingers go a fraction of an inch awry, the notes won’t ring out right, but the notes come fast, giving the player no time to adjust and find the right spot. Anna Karkowska’s rendition of this passage was like a series of perfect diamonds. In truth, it was better played that Itzhak Perlman’s own recording. Her laser-like accuracy is a thing of wonder.

Kasha Karkowska makes her own impact felt on the piano, deftly shading her dynamics from almost inaudible to powerfully grand. In the spoken introductions, she came across as the chattier of the two sisters, and it seems reflected in her sunny manner of playing. But she followed her younger sister fearlessly when Anna pulled back to breathtakingly introspective closes to Gershwin’s Summertime ”

Mark S. Jordan, News Staff Reporter, Mount Vernon News

“ as a duo they communicate easily with an audience, telling fantastic stories with music that literally takes one’s breath away”

John Ashton, president of Fairmont Chamber Music Society

“Two sisters of immense talent, …Their brilliant performance drew a standing ovation.”

Helen Pierce, Polish World, Detroit

“Their performance was of Carnegie Hall Caliber”

Ed Wiater, Am-Pol Eagle

“In the 50 years that I have attended concerts and musical events of various kinds, once in a great while I was lucky enough to hear a truly great performance. Sunday afternoon (Dec. 9) was one of those rare lucky times. My wife and I were privileged to hear the Karkowska Sisters at the Memorial Building performing the most beautiful piano-violin duets I have ever heard. The repartee between the sisters kept the audience laughing, while their duets held us spellbound. In my own case, their rendition of Gershwin's "Summertime" evoked a cry of "beautiful" before the applause started because it touched my heart. Three songs later, their mastery of Schubert's "Ave Maria" touched my very soul and had tears running down my face. It's very rare to have artists of this caliber come to our small town. I am indebted to the Community Concert Association for getting them here.”

Dick Porter, Mount Vernon

“...immensely talented young violinist”

Krzysztof Penderecki, Composer, Conductor
Grammy Award Winner

“With her playing she proved to have fabulous mastery of violinist art; ”

Ewa Cichon, Electorial News

“... Anna Karkowska, one of the most superb young violinists, offered the audience virtuoso pieces with the virtuoso accompaniment of her sister. Ovations of the listeners were endless. (…) Surely, it is a great talent with with even greater future that gave the audience the possibility of savoring the performance of the highest artistic level”

Wojciech Wierzewski, Union Journal, Chicago

“...a young artist of extraordinary gifts”

George Zak, Music Director,
Lexington Philharmonic

“Remember this name: Anna Karkowska, She is destined for stardom”

Don Estep, News Journal

“…two very talented girls, simply excellent!”

Sebastian Szczepanski, On the Edge

“the most promising musician of her generation”

Kazimierz Michalik, Professor,
Chopin Academy, Visiting Professor, Keimyung University

“Her technical precision and musical expression were amazing (…) It was easy to detect Anna’s love both for the instrument and for the music.(…) the audience reacted at the end of the first movement of Tchaikovsky Concerto with a standing ovation, and again at the end of the concerto with another standing ovation”

Dr. Harold Wortman, News Journal

“a pearl-like technique, a beautiful sound, the unique gift of absolute concentration on music”

Anna Wozniakowska,
Polish Journal